Citizenship Project

Our Citizenship Project assists people in applying for Citizenship, Permanent Resident Card (aka Green Cards) and Passports.  Many people also receive assistance with letters to the INS offices regarding problems with Permanent Resident Card and Citizenship status.

Forms are available at our office or you can print them off at the bottom. (see attachments)

Form Number Purpose
Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status
Application to Replace/Renew Permanent Resident Card
Application for Naturalization  
Application for Certificate of Citizenship  (18 and under)
Request for Fee Waiver






I-485 Application201.66 KB
I-485 Instructions192.77 KB
I-90 Application 355.21 KB
I-90 Instructions276.88 KB
N-400 Application1.48 MB
N-400 Instructions424.35 KB
N-600 Application268.84 KB
N-600 Instructions99.78 KB
I-912 Application329.53 KB
I-912 Instructions280.1 KB