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 What is Wausau Fresh Start?

Wausau Fresh Start (WFS) is an employment training opportunity, alternative high school, and mentoring program for Wausau Youth ages 17 to 24.  WFS trainees learn carpentry skills by building a home.  These homes are then made available for sale to income-eligible families.


Started in March 2000, WFS began its construction operation with a crew of 9 young people and Construction Supervisor/Teacher, Brett Petersen.  The first project entailed completely gutting a Cape Cod style home that burned after a lightning strike.  The home was rebuilt with hand built rafters and dormers. Three members of that 1st crew are now commercial journeyman construction workers.


After 160 trainees and 25 homes built, WFS remains committed to teaching and mentoring Wausau youth. WFS, a collaborative effort involving the Wausau Area Hmong Mutual Association (WAHMA) and North Central Community Action Program (NCCAP), is an equal opportunity training program. In addition to being a comprehensive carpentry training program, WFS also provides a high school completion classroom for members that have not completed high school.



WFS Construction Services: 

Over the years, Wausau Fresh Start has trained over 160 young adults in construction. Trainees work 2 years with qualified Supervisors/Teacher.  It has always amazed us as to how talented many of our trainees become.


Because of that talent, WFS has dreamed of graduating our most talented and dedicated young carpenters into a special crew to take on any and all projects.  This advanced Graduate Crew, now a reality, is headed by the same qualified Construction supervisors that helped train them so quality of workmanship is consistently assured.  

  • Carpentry Services - Competitive Rates
  • From New Construction to Remodeling, WFS Construction Services can take care of all your contstruction needs.


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